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MOERHEIM ROSES & TRADING India Pvt Ltd is proud to  represent the international leading cutflower- and potrose breeders,  INTERPLANT, KORDES, LEX, DE RUITER, SPEK ROZEN and FOR EVER ROSE in India as well as the Chrysanthemum breeder FLORITEC with heat tolerant varieties and the novelties of various cutflowers from KIEFT SEEDS.


The latest productline within the group of chrysanthemums and roses is open field varieties for Garland flowers. We have several, new, very attractive varieties. 


Beside cut flowers and pots, we also represent UFO Supplies BV, which has a portfolio of products and post harvest chemicals required by the floriculture industry with a leading brand of Flower preservative such as FLORISSANT®. 


New are the Philips LED lamps for growing light in laboratories, for additional daylength with Chrysanthemum and indoor use. In association with UFO Supplies and Philips LED hortisolutions, we can supply various floricultural grow lightsystems. (see "Products & Equipments"

Ask also for our new environnemental friendly UV crop protector. It saves you from powdery mildew at many crops and a much hardy and resistant crop.  


Another interesting, additional product is our Butterfly and Musquito killer: the FERRX INSECT CONTROL which is very effective in the nursery at several crops like Roses, Gerbera, different Orchids, but also in the home, patio and gardens.   


We are most happy to be able to test all our latest rose varieties from our Alliance Breeders now in our own production and demo farm MOERHEIM PLANTS & FLOWERS Pvt Ltd in Kodiyalam, HOSUR TN.   


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Let us blossom together!

MOERHEIM INDIA, adding value to the Indian Floriculture !!!


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Growers of our varieties are proud to sell branded varieties.

Not only a red rose, no! They produce BORDEAUX® and TAJ MAHAL®, two red roses with quality, and the white AVALANCHE


How to enjoy more from your roses? 

  • Use always clean vases from glass. (In stone vases there is bacterie life).
  • Remove 50% of the leaves,
  • Cut of the stems over 2 cm.
  • Keep the vases away from draught and sun.
  • Ask for FLORISSANT to improve vaselife

Vaselife guarantee

For Retailers / Florists / Online flower shops/Malls


FLORISSANT® Flower food contains the essential ingredients to maintain the quality of the flowers/bouquets and increase the vaselife so that the consumers can enjoy their flowers much longer.



For a free sample, contact moerheim India.

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